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Saturday, January 12, 2008


FBI wiretap cut off for unpaid bill A QUOTE FROM "IT" REVEALS THE VERY SERIOUS, POIGNANT ATTITUDE OF THE FBI - "IT" SPEAKS OUT FOR THE NON-COMPROMISE OF THE FBI AND PAYMENTS TO THE "ESTABLISHMENTS" - "WE DID NOT FORGET SALARIES - I CAN TELL YOU THAT MUCH," ..IT. "The FBI will not tolerate financial mismanagement," it said. IN A RECENT INTERVIEW WITH IT, IT STATED THAT "WATERBOARDING" CAN AND MAY BE USED ON ANYONE WHOM LAUGHS OR MAKES FUN OF THE FBI CONCERNING THE BELOW ARTICLE. "We all, that is, each of us, not meaning those within the FBI only, but the common "little people" or citizens as they are referred to or like to be referred to, have all forgotten from time to time to pay their bills and were forgiven by those companies whom they owed and that without "penalty" of the law or mockery." "We expect the same to be afforded the FBI, especially as no security has been compromised by the lack of their salary being paid - I mean - as long as we make up the payment to the proper establishments conducting terror, no, that's not what I meant to state, I meant the establishments whom we do business with to conduct wiretaps, heck, you know what I mean." stated, a dishelved It. Thu Jan 10, 2:47 PM ET A telephone company cut off an FBI international wiretap after the agency failed to pay its bill on time, according to a U.S. government audit released on Thursday. The Justice Department's inspector general faulted the FBI for poor handling of money used in undercover investigations, which it said made the agency vulnerable to theft and mishandled invoices. It cited the case in which a wiretap under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which governs electronic spying in terrorism and intelligence cases, was disrupted due to an overdue bill. "Late payments have resulted in telecommunications carriers actually disconnecting phone lines established to deliver surveillance results to the FBI, resulting in lost evidence, including an instance where delivery of intercept information required by a ... FISA order was halted due to untimely payment," the audit said. Inspector general spokeswoman Cynthia Schnedar said she could provide no additional details on the disrupted wiretap. Much of the report contained sensitive law-enforcement information and was not released, she said. The FISA program, denounced by critics as overly intrusive and unconstitutional, is up for renewal in Congress. But lawmakers are bogged down over the scope of the program and liability protections for telephone companies that took part in a domestic eavesdropping program launched by President George W. Bush after the September 11 attacks. The audit followed a 2006 case in which an FBI employee pleaded guilty to stealing more than $25,000 in confidential case funds intended for undercover telecoms services. The FBI acknowledged "widespread agreement" that its 1980s era accounting system was inadequate and said it was working to improve it. "The FBI will not tolerate financial mismanagement," it said. " I don't know what all the haabub (hub-bub) is all about, the FBI were alway on the job and not a single security was breached nor information leaked, the American people can alway trust the FBI and CIA as they do not know the word "failure". stated Osamay bein Laten

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