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Monday, January 18, 2010

REED WARBLER Found on TheMouseCried

MC: The elusive "Reed Warbler" found on themousecried
January 18, 2010
TheMouseCried, USA In just a few short hours after the initial discovery of a rare "reed warbler" in the mountain regions of Afghanistan, the same or similiar "reed warbler" was found on themousecried. In what some Orinthologists have not yet declared but defying the odds in their favor for yet another sighting of the rare "Weed Wabler", from a related site comes: "The Wildlife Conservation Society stumbled upon the small, olive-brown large-billed reed warbler in 2008 and taped its distinctive song a recording experts now say is probably the first ever."
People see strange sights - Eyewitness reports
"It was unbelievable, I was searchin' the big "N" lookin' for sumptin' strange, you know, like UFOs and such, an I happen' cross iss site an seen dis bird, it shook me up" stated a Mr. Rusty Shackleford
"I tell you whut, I seen nuthing like if fore, now you take my boy, Bobby, he ain't much but he's all I got", and that boy yelled at me, "daddy, daddy, daddy," an I yelt at him, "Shutup boy can't you see I'm busy" but he said, "daddy, daddy, daddy, a bird" and shor nuff' it was right thar on that 'puter thingee, biggern life hit wuz" said a H. Hill
A First for themousecried
A First for themousecried as most people do not realize what an amazing discovery this is for themousecried especially so, since the first specimen was discovered in India in 1867 and now here at themouse some 143 years later we have yet another discovery. It is believed that this is the same bird that was eating at an apple when the apple dislodged and hit Sir Isaac Newton in the head rendering him hit, of course this is not written in stone but it was recorded on papyrus some years later to be exact. We probably need a small correction here we do not mean that the bird you are viewing is the same bird that launched the attack on Sir Isaac Newton, no, we mean only that it is believed to be one of the same family and that family is bird or "Orinizeatypovariebird" which was too hard for people to state so it became shortened to "bird". The study of birds was a toss up among the bird peoples of the world and at first they called them Audubonians but again it was difficult for people so it was changed to Orinthologist.
Common names equals confuscion
Common names equals confuscion, back in 1758, when most of us were younger a Swedish naturalist named Carolus Linnaeus gave each bir a new name derived mostly for the Latin or Greek, however, they demanded more wages and tried to bring in a bird "union" and Linny, as his friends would never call him (there were no cell phones in those days and no car available to call from), decided to name the birds himself. He came up with such names as Sam Spade or Lucy Brown and after a stint with Peanuts a popular youth game at the time who threatened to sue Linny, he changed it from Lucy and decided to call them a Brown Bird and since he could not use the popular name of Sam Spade due to mystery novel writes, he simply called it a Sam. Since Sam was a popular man's name people became confused as to whether someone was calling their name or a bird, so Lenny decided to use a hyphen. This is why today when an Orinthologist is calling out the name of a bird he will say, for example, "Red hyphen throated Loon" but it is better in the written form as Red-throated Loon and yes, the Latin and the Greek did organize a union and returned to a little higher pay and cutle boards the union today is called oddly enough, "Americaqn Orinthologists' Union (AOU)" the name was chosen because of the A as in Alpha and the O as in Omega and U which was the letters for the Latin and Greek's sorority. Today you can practice this early method that Lenny enjoyed so much if you see, for example, a bird which happens to bear a blue color then shout Blue-sam Stork or perhaps Pink-pam Pelican. You can have all kinds of fun sitting in your yard and just coming up with these names as you create your own, but be sure to keep a notebook and write them down so all your friends can call them the same. Most names can be traced back to someone else.
What would you call the "Reed Warbler?"
What would you call the reed warbler, that is the question and it is one that could easily have an answer, but it depends upon you and what you think it should be called, if you were to want to call it something else, then you would have to decide just what you would want to call it, you could call it many things but it would be your decision to make but if you wanted to call it something else you certainly could because it would be your decision if you wanted to rename it or call it something else that you decided you would like to call it. You could call it anything you wanted to it would be your thoughts that would count and your decision would be your own, so it would bear thought.

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