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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

B.A.M.M. Motivation R US

Live, from Better America Musings Makers (or our talkshow call letters BAMM) it is the great Motavtional Speaker, 'William 'Will' Rhunmauth' the English Literaray Writer who just happens to be an American Indian, being interviewed by our host, Yeasim Nhocizey, on his upcoming American speaker tour at the Ed Dhuillm Civic Center this Saturday and Sunday night, Friday the 24th of July, let's join them shall we, on to the interview:
Yeas: Mr. Rhunemauth, Welcome to our 'stage".
Rhunemauth: Please call me, Will, thank you.
Yeas: And call me Yeas, please, first let me ask you how did you ever get the nickname, Will?
Will: I was named after a very famous literary English writer who happened to be, oddly enough, an American Indian named, 'Big Lightstalker Talkin'toe, perhaps you have heard of him or his very, very famous book, 'An American Indian Literary Writer Living In England'?
Yeas: Can't say that I have, Will, but then again I don't read much of the English literaries, especially the more famous lot and all, after all it is across that big ol' ocean.
Will: Hmm. Uummph (clearing his throat)
Yeas: So, you are a motivational speaker?
Will: Yes.
Yeas: Tell me and the audience where exatly will you be speaking?
Will: I will be speaking in front of the microphone device on a stage, thank you for asking.
Yeas: Your welcome., Well folks, that will be this Saturday and Sunday at the Ed Dhuill Civic Center located in Cleveland, Ohio, starting at 7:00 pm each night. Will tell me, Where do all the people come from to hear and partake of your great motivational speaking?
Will: They come from neighboring states, and all foreign countries worldwide.
Yeas: Wow! and I do mean, Wow, that is great, Will, I know you ask people to fill out cards with their names, emails, city and state, and/or country they originate from, great idea, so I am going to put you on the spot, I hope you were prepared for this one, in the last 5 epaking engagements you have given, what was the most furtherest point, map wise, or locality, of that individual?
Will: Woe, that is on the spot, and the cards are exactly how we attain the portion of audience 'partaking' in my motivational speaking, we also furnish the 3X5 cards and pencils, of course.
Yeas: Of course, and that one standout person from the farthererest point was?
Will: Sorry, I almost forgot, but you must remember we offer bus service also, and if I am not mistaken, and I will have to double check my 3' by 5's, but it was a scraggly type lad, scantly dressed in apparel, about one street over or what you, Yanks, or Americans, call 3-4 blocks away.
Yeas: Will, I know you put forth a lot in these motivational gatherings, do you find that most people who attend, really 'latch on' to what you are trying to convey to them, in other words, do you see the enthusiasm in them?
Will: Yes, I do, Yeas, at the end of the afternoon when my speech has settled, in that very moment I state, "Thank you for coming folks, I do so appreciate your giving up your Saturday..," and before I can get the words "...and Sunday" most of them have zipped out the doors, loaded with so much information they cannot contain it for the question and answer portion of the program.

Yeas: Wow! and Wow, Will, I bet that is a sight to behold all these people energized to go out and make the day theirs.

Will: Yes, it is most quaintly and quietly thrilling.

Yeas: There, there is the Englishter coming out, as one of my great heroes used to call it, now, Mr. Rhuinmauth, tell me, where exactly did you get that nickname?

Will: That 'is' my real name, sorry, it was given me by me paddy, and non, you can have it, lol.

Yeas: There it is folks, this concludes our interview, so be seeing you on Saturday and Sunday night, have a pleasant tonight and a good tomorrow.

Good Night, Will.

Good Night, Yeas.

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