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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Work At Home-Why Not You?

MOM makes $6397/Month Unemplyed mom makes $6397/month working online. Read how she did it. Picture is not the Nancy Gribble see: Disclaimer Amazingly, an unemployed mother, desperate for money has found a new career on line, posting what she considers now a network of fun, Nancy Gribble first began as a high paid Gnat and then went onto a small time weather girl in Texas having earned her degree in Whetherrmologist at Redcorn's CloudBurst Junior College for seniors earning a 2 year college degree. "When I lost that job, I thought I would never become a success again, and then there's the children - whether I am aware or not someone has to care for them." Later, Mrs. Gribble took a 13 year course in natworking and became a poster. "Poor Dale, lost his battle as the # 1 best bugman in Texas so, I separated from him soon after, but I hope it is not permanent, a man of such talent should be able to recoup and gain his title back or become a stomper, but it did leave me wondering, what can I do". About that same time little did Nancy know, and driving by her house one day Mrs. Hill stopped and after chatting with Nancy stated upon leaving, "I hear Redcorn has started a new rip-off business which he calls a school, funny isn't it pantalets Nanciono?" But little did Mrs. Hill know, and that rattled Nancy into taking a look at NetPosting and this is where you come in, Nancy has learned a secret and so can you. For a mere $18.000 you too can soon be earning money sitting at home, but you are asking how can I go to school for a 13 year period, that will make me a little older. Well, surprise we have on you, we have taken all of our best instructor and our best internet technologist and have narrowed it down to a mere two week course, so how could you afford and not want the two week course and make money from a range of anywhere? Show your degree to all your friends, to all your family, to all those homeless people you do not associate with. No more will you have to sit down to stand up, this program is a must do without on and for you. Let's hear it from Nancy as she does not speak but types which she could have learned anywhere but did not, having came to take the course here at Redcorn's Cloudburst, that is right you heard me in your own correct hearing, Cloudburst is no longer a Whethermology course but is now simply Redcorn, "The place where your Corns will not be Red", it is our motto and we mean it almost the entirety of the day. But you might say, and we would tell you but not until you ask, Do I have to travel there. NO, that is a resounding no, you do not need to come out here in Texas driving, simply place in the mail and order your, Paddleforms tomorrow, today, do not waste a nickel or dime, drop four more and call R-E-D-C-O-R-N and in case you did not listen to hear that it is R-E-D-C-O-R-N and wish correctly stating give me that $18,000 course plus non-working tax of 3,350 (that is 3 thousand, threefittie) bring it to a total on that touchpad calculater. What is that? You don't have a touchpad calculater, no problem, we have all the solve for any problem, just add another threefittie and we will send you one free with your course. Now you may say, can all of this not be true? Nancy, tell them how you did like this course before you took it. "Flabbergassted I may have been, and I have been much but not before, so if you piddle too much the paddle will row back home, so do what Ol' Nancy done did many times before it was done by someone else, order your Paddleform tomorrow today and no longer minkeyshiner are you. And don't forget the threefittie folks cause every thing will take money and have it is what we need. Work from home: or call: "R-E-D-C-O-R-N" but make sure we are not there between morning in the am and evening in the pm from around 8 until 4. Disclaimer: All names have been changed to protect the truly "innocent" any similiarity to any one living or sleeping is clearly in the mind of the writer, any program has been eliminated only on paper, the actual program still exists in other designated forums of his/her own choosing. Any misspelling was placed in the following communication purposely for you or anyone else who may be portrayed by you or totally unbeknownst of yourself, to find and marvel at the stupidity of the said writer. This disclaimer is not to be disclaimed by anyone else unless they are in the manner of dissing another in which case it will be viewed as commendable, but only in a public forum, privately it is still your personal view and good luck to you and yours. Any misuse or use of quotation marks that are correct in an appropriate english language usage are purely incidental and unintentional on the writer's behalf, we ask your forgiveness and oversight, these may or may not be reported to any committee, other than the finance committee, as this has been addressed and covered at the bottom of the page in green type. I appreciate your indulgence, but not your indulgencies, and patience in reading of the below dialogue between two friends, thank you. Local Mom Makes $87/Hr Online! Don't Try to Work at Home Until You Tead this Shocking Report.... You May Want To Not Change ... SHOCKING! Picture is not anyone you may not know
Some of our recent grads and students:

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