WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING The mouse cried because of the snake,and the snake came to see the mouse,horror,chills,thrills,not for the faint of heart or those with headaches,upset stomach,uncut fingernails,room unclean, etc..., THEY'RE BACK AND THEY ARE REALLY MEAN VILE CREATURES OF TERROR.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



It was the Time Of The Cows, so it would be called in Germany. The Germans were short on the amount of horses that they had, to address for the wars, so the Germans began training the Cow or the Cattle for the battle. Armed with the German Saddle and Bridle, they became the choice of the people over that of the horse as the mount was far easier and quicker, and during times of lack of water and nourishment they provided milk for the troops. The Germans were not ashamed of their newfound compadres and reached a name which they unabashedly called the Company of Moo, so called for the strange sounds emitted from the Cows. In early days, they were called the Cattle Calvary, the Big Brown Cow Brigade, and Troops of Cow. While the enemy rolled with laughter at the German military, they could not so much as envision the slaughter that would greet them. Unlike the horse who would not step upon a human body on the ground, first brought to public attention in the John Wayne Movie, 'El Dorado' to which the actor called, 'Alan Bourdillion Traherne' or 'Mississippi' (as he liked to be called) threw himself in front of running horses not to be trampled, but to cause the ability of shooting straight to be unaccomplished. Many of the enemy soldiers cast themselves in front of the Germany Moos hoping to alter the ability of the shooter and the swordsmen/women, only to be trampled to death. The nations armies quickly setup conferences to alert the soldiers of the phenomenon called 'Stampede of the Moos' later it would simply be called, "Lookout Stampede" and then just the word of alert, "Stampede". When the enemy heard the word 'stampede' they began to run to find cover of small deep gulches, but many would find the gulch to be a burying ground as the Moos would fall upon them, weighing in at hundreds of pounds the human body stood not a chance for protection. Later, the armies of the world, in conducting tests, found the Moos would not run into a wall, at least not on purpose, nor would they be able to run up a ramp, so the armies began to carry great precut ramps which would quickly be fastened together, and set on various locations on the countryside fields, these very quickly were called the Field of Ramps. The enemy had gained much knowledge also in pre-fabricated buildings, and just before the trump of the battle was sounded they would scurry about, looking like that ants brought to the harvest, and pre-fab buildings similar to that of a double outhouse appeared dotted sparsely upon the battlefield. The enemy also found that if they dug a hole quick enough and set the pre-fab buildings upon them, it would provide much needed privacy for the troops.

The German Army became incensed with both rage and jealousy, admiring the ingenuity of the enemy, and the new silent domains of privacy dotting the landscape, and tried with much failure to equip the Troops of Moo with the pulling of logs and pre-fabs, which eventually caused the collapse of one of history's most exciting and healthy bone structured Army in the world. With the pulling of the logs/pre-fabs the soldiers noticed the milk, butter, and cheese began to taste wurst, as the Cattle was finding nourishment among the Poppy plants, making not only the milk, cheese, butter taste with a wild bitter 'tang' (not the orange flavored drink) and not only did this cause the cattle to become disoriented, but also the troops themselves would seek more food and complain of hunger. What had begun as one of the most brilliant moves in the German Army history had become a military of Poppy-plant dependant troops and Moos. Today, the German Army still trains the Moos for future battle, but only as an extreme emergency action need, and the military keep the Moos scattered on protected hillsides throughout the German landscape separated from the deadly Poppy. The enemies of the Germans have since armed themselves with Poppy seeds to be planted in a just in case mode of operation. It is a shame to see the many decades of one of the strongest military force on the face of the earth, now grazing on the hillsides of the Germanic peoples, but one thing is still in their favor, the milk, cheese, and butter have a more excellent taste than they have enjoyed for centuries, meanwhile the Moos stand every on alert, matched by none, truly outstanding in their fields. We dedicate this memory and this story to a Ms Anne Wiltafsky, trainer, and that of the riders and staff of hundreds represented by Ms Regina Mayer, a truly innovative teenager of German descent, Kudos, Regina!

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