WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING The mouse cried because of the snake,and the snake came to see the mouse,horror,chills,thrills,not for the faint of heart or those with headaches,upset stomach,uncut fingernails,room unclean, etc..., THEY'RE BACK AND THEY ARE REALLY MEAN VILE CREATURES OF TERROR.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Justified Man Whose way is just? Look at you and the way you go Inside your raveled, outward you stand so You say, "If I" but you do or say not And after all you've boasted you have what - You would a man to death if he disagree And yet you say I know follow me And after your walk has became dust Tell me if now you know - Whose way is just? SHELLED MAN They'll say he looked well dressed so fine and proper. A dasher he is - one can tell A bit O'respect and a quaint shopper And the black no pen stripe yet offset in white he's quiet the gent, His hair the look of moist a wee bit wet To some rather appointment he's probably sent A dapper gent probably insue of a king A slave to the crown - but with due respect They say he has a voice and he can sing Like a mirror he is he causes reflect We admire him - well - maybe one or two And ask any and they'll attest Did you know him, this Dapper, did you? I don't think so they inquire, but he does look well.


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