WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING The mouse cried because of the snake,and the snake came to see the mouse,horror,chills,thrills,not for the faint of heart or those with headaches,upset stomach,uncut fingernails,room unclean, etc..., THEY'RE BACK AND THEY ARE REALLY MEAN VILE CREATURES OF TERROR.

Friday, July 20, 2007


IRI NEWS BRIEFS/THE WORLD AROUND YOU IRI NEWS BREAK 47 Minutes ago IRI Staff Reporters: Hoosa R. Spansible Jorga Van Detta Bulletin Release... AMIA On behalf of the American Mexican in America, We would like to express our deep concern of extreme prejudice and on-going harrassment in the streets of this nation. We will list and read our concerns and may take questions afterward. First, it has come to our attention that the Mexican community, which language we hope to amend, have been the recipitents of such deragatory remarks as, Are you Mexican when filling out forms and also referred to as such in the news media and the media at large being affiliated with television, movies and the like. Since being Mexican and referred to as such has brought disgrace upon our name we are hereby electing to change the status quo and become known as, AmericanChalleged until such time as we occupy the states which would be legally entitled to the government of Mexico and those states are, Texas, California, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Ohio, Nevada and New York. There may be more to add to the list but for now these will suffice. Schedule A Second, We have applied with the Americans With Disability Act to have a new list placed underneath that framework to include both legal and illegal Mexican workers and laborers under the title of "AmericaChallenged" which would only apply to those stated workers as listed. We ask for compensation for our work involved in jobs which citizens of the United States will not do either due to a lazy attitude or worse yet "apathy". We are asking for educational rights for our peoples and their families both in America and Mexico and an eight year per individual payment schedule, including their dependants, irregardless of age, housing and food and electrical/water provision under such educational benefits be inclusive also. We wish for the AC to attend the school(s) of their choice, especially in the fields of computerization and literature and law. Schedule B Third, We have asked for recompensation for work accomplished in America for each adult and child in the amounts of 2.5 million dollars and for those whom are wrongfully called illegal and/or Mexican and additional .5 million to become the added sum of 3 million dollars. We also are asking for an additional 1 Trillion dollars to be place in the AMIA funds to help legally protect and secure the rights for all of the AmericaChallenged (AC) as noted in Schedule B. Fourth, We are asking for the resignation of 2/3 of the Congress and Senate to be replaced, rightfully so, with the AC we will designate at a later date. Fifth, We are asking that all signs, restaurants, public and private arenas to be establish with only the language of the Mexican dialect. Sixth, We are asking for the removal of all Italian meeting houses, public forums to be abolished and hopefully, soon be deported back to Italy as they have taken up a mockery of our organizations namesake AMIA and have used such derogatory terms as "Mama amia" which we will not tolerate. Seventh, We are asking the USC (united states citizens) to tolerate our influence in this country until such time as lineage can be traced as to where each citizen and their country origin may be located. Eightth, We are asking for the removal through retirement etc..., of 2/3 of all school teachers and government workers and replacement with AC workers this also would apply to all business public or private and 501C groups as to incorporate a more diverse look in the American picture. Ninth, We are asking that any future terrorists bombings, destructions etc..., be done against only those in America who use the title of United States Citizens and that the group AC be not targeted or injured in any way. Tenth, We are asking that the timetable for a terrorist hit or attack be moved up 3-4 weeks to the last week of July 2007 and again only against the USC. We do not feel these demands to be exorberant and/or demanding and now we will "field" any questions you may have. Sir, IRI staff here, Who is your President at the AMIA? AMIA: ElPresidente Vincynthia Fox and we would also like to advise you not to get out of your seat during questioning session as you may be replaced.


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