WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING The mouse cried because of the snake,and the snake came to see the mouse,horror,chills,thrills,not for the faint of heart or those with headaches,upset stomach,uncut fingernails,room unclean, etc..., THEY'RE BACK AND THEY ARE REALLY MEAN VILE CREATURES OF TERROR.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Summer, and what a summer it would be. Tidda bounced about the yard enjoying the sunshine that the good LORD had made, and as she bounced not only could you see a gleam in her eyes, but it was her chance to prove she could dance to the rays of the sun, and dance she did. This was going to be "the summer" the one she had waited for the whole year long, spring was extremely rough as it tagged between warm and cool, and not much fit for people or puppies, but that was spring and now summer had finally arrived. With a heart as big as her eyes, which some time were hid by a shabby hair cut, she would set out this summer with a brand new outlook of life, she was going to serve her fellow kingdom mates irregardless of whom that would be. So the day came when Mom let her run the outside and run she did. First to smell the flowers which had came into bloom and were stretching with all their might as if they were going to touch the sun himself. Tidda began to think, "I know, The flowers would love to have some fresh water and after all she had a very shiny, deep, blue and pink bowl that had just been cleaned and filled with crisp,cool, water - not just any water, you know, she demanded the best bottled water there was and these were the days before it was announced that the cola companies had only provided "tap water" for filtered, spring water, but no matter the flowers needed water and she was to the rescue. The shiny, baby-blue and pink bowl was just a tiny bit bigger than Tida and she jumped in with not just both feet, but her entire body, and wouldn't you know it in a matter of minutes she was soaking, soping wet, from her cool,damp nose to her slightly dingy toes, soiled by the dirt found beneath the cool green grass as she had danced and frolicked among the flowers and rocks and lime color grass. Oh, what a joyous day, it was beautiful and she was having a great time. All soaked from her head to her toes Tidda ran to the flowers and began to shake, and she shook and shook and wet all the flowers but it still did not seem to be enough, so back to the shiny blue-pink she pounced and bounce straight into the bowl this time falling head first and falling beneath the water, indeed this time she was drenched, quickly raising her head up for air she pondered, "I was soaked, and then I was,"soping" wet, and now I am drenched, my flower friends should love this. Being but a puppy she did not quite realize how "not" to deliver her now dripping body water to her friends. "This time I'll really get you wet" exclaimed Tida, as she ran and dove straight into the mist of the trees. All of a sudden, a quick flapping and beating of wings took to flight as the butterflies, bees, and yes even a couple of finch and hummingbird lifted up their wings being suddenly startled and frightened. Oh No! Exclaimed Tidda, I am so sorry, now realizing that she had not only frightened momentarily all of her other friends but she had in the process of wanting to get water to the "flower buddies" had bent them out of shape. Tida began to cry and whimpered, I'm sssoo ssorry, tears flowing across her tiny nose, and falling down on petals of low lying moss flower." "Tidda, please don't cry" said Hummy the Hummingbird, "No Tidda, don't cry we are merely bent" echoed, Daisy who spoke boldly for the flowers. "We are all fine in fact we are dandy, and this small bend will only make us stronger as we bask in the glory of the yellow-orange rays of the sun, please don't cry, and please don't stop doing good we need you." As a small poppy petal brushed away her tear and Pop said, "There, There, Tida no damage done, continue your summer of bliss, my child." "Thank you Poppie, and I am really sorry but I will, I will continue doing good", "That a girl, Tida," stated Rose as she gently brushed Tida's whitish gray hair with her sweet perfume, And oh how nice you smell Tidda, please continue your journey of doing well to others and all there are so few that do so today." A few days went by and there was no sign of Tidda, and then one noon day she came bouncing out of the house and was so amazed at the flower party, they were all standing straight and much taller than she, and now they extended themselves away up into the air and there was once or twice Tidda thought they were actually touching the clouds and the sun. "You all look beautiful" exclaimed a very obviously relieved Tidda. "And we owe it all to you stated Poppie," yes echoed daisy, "The water, and the bend made us so strong thanks Tida for your love and concern. Tidda felt much better now and she set about to find her good deed for the day and actually for the week she did not come out to play. Just at that moment as time would have it worked out, Tidda saw Christian backing down the driveway and going toward the street, and began to run and yelp to the top of her lungs, Christian noticing that she was getting to close to her car yelled, "Tidda get away from my car and quit that barking have you gone mad?" and pulling over she placed the car in Park and pulled on the Emergency Brake. "I should wear you out Tidda you could have made me wreck or run over you, you have to stop this even if I have to lock you up in your room" stated Christian visibly angry and upset. Christian picked up Tidda and took her to her room and locked the door, "Maybe now you will understand to stay away from moving objects, especially so, when they are bigger than you" stated Christian. Christian left to go to her car and noticed behind her car a little boy no more than 2 year old and she panicked and began to cry as she picked up the little child and hugged and kissed him for what seemed and hour but it was only a few minutes, tears running down upon the little boy's face as Christian cried and wept-realizing but for the grace of God and a yelping Tidda she would have hurt the child terribly and would never have forgiven herself. Shaken she returned John to his home where his mother was frantically trying to find him, "I just went to shut off the stove, and turned and little John was gone." As Christian rolled out the story of what had just happened, both she and Jane began to cry, fully realizing that if it had not been for God and a little yelping puppy named Tidda, things would have been much, much worse and different. As Christian went back into the house she had a much different outlook and opinion of Tida whom now had heard the door open and was shivering in fear of Christian might be very mad. "Oh Tida, I am so sorry, cried Christian and this time the tears were of joy and embarrassment as she continued apologizing to Tidda. Time passed and all seemed well in Tidda's world as once again she was bouncing in the outdoors and having such a wonderful time, when she happened to bounce upon Mr. Greely a neighbourhood grouch of a snake. "Where are you going Tidda" exclaimed the slithery Mr.Greely. Oh I'm just walking around the neighbourhood and trying to find more good deeds and being helpful to everyone. "Why don't you follow me down to the old Stimpson place, and we can find someone to help" said Mr. Greely choking behind his ever so sly half grin. "No I am not allowed to go there," Mr Greely, "It is off limits and no one lives there." "I thought your Mom stated you could not go anywhere in the neighbourhood" snapped, Greely. "No she said I could go anywhere in the neighbourhood" infered Tida. "Well I happen to know that "it" is anywhere and there is someone there that only you could help, but I suppose that you don't help everyone just those you like and probably are related." "You're wrong Mr,Greely show me this one that needs help" said Tidda, "And you'll see, I'll help them also." "Brave talk Tidda but I think this time you have met your match and won't be able to help this one" hissed Mr. Greely. The old house was run down and it's boards, at least those that were standing, were rotting and falling apart as they crumbled beneath the feet as Tida would try in vain to step over them, they were dull and their color was masked with green moss and unfortunately thought Tidda not the pretty kind of moss but a decaying brownish-green. She had never noticed this house being so run down nor had she noticed Mr.Greely slithering into a ball-like of curls, "Where is the one you were talking about Mr.Greely, I see no one." panted Tida, now dripping moisture from her lips as she realized she should not have come to this place. "You're the one", hissed Greely, "And I told you, you would not be able to help Ms.Dooogoooder ssss" and lurching backward as to withdraw himself, he plunged forcefully forward with all his might, his teeth gleeming in the sunlight as two sharp prongs which had been tonged to razor sharp, striking Tida upon her right leg, and sending forth an excruciating loud yelp which erupted into a very intense bark. Numbing pain pounded again and again as Tidda braced herself against Mr. Greely, "Why did you do that, what did I or have I ever done to you?" "You are a goody two-shoes and thats all I need to know you stupid pup, after all, I'm a snake." hissed Mr.Greely. For the first time in her life Tidda bear her teeth and growled the growl that sent fear into Greely, and upon hearing Christian and Jonathan running toward him he raced off into the grass with only a patch here and there showing his movement. As Christian saw him slither away she grabbed Tidda into her arms and ran for the car, Johathan pursued with keys in hand and they began to drive Tida to the emergency room where nurse Ashley and Chandler rushed her into Dr.Larry's operating table. It's strange thought Tidda just a few days ago that car was almost involved in hurting little John but now it was used to try to save a life, and she passed into darkness. Dr. Larry's expertise was really with larger animals, horses and the like and he buzzed another surgeon ready to go home with the emergency. Dr Kathy came into the room and attached a small tube to Tidda's leg, one to drain the poison, and the other for pain and nourishment. After hours under watch and surgery and not knowing how Tidda would survive or heal, the two doctors decided to let Tidda go home and that the familiarity of home might encourage Tidda to get well-it was indeed a long shot, but it was the only hope. Daily, Jonathan, Jan the neighbour, and Christian would meet more than 3 or 4 times a day and would pray and use anointing oil in hopes that God would spare this little one who had touched so many hearts. Tears flowed often over the next few days as Tidda did not seem to get any better. Christian took her out daily among the flowers so that if she could she would smell the flowers of summer and hear the chirping of the birds, strangely though the yard was quite as was the neighbourhood for all had come to love the little puppy who cared too much. Finally in the 7th Month and the 7th day there was a whimper, and a long sigh, and Tidda bounced out of Christian's arms onto the yard and began to run and play, bouncing again among all her friends and family and little Jonathan, rolling over the lime green grass and ever sniffing of the rose and poppy, as tears of joy flowed now from the eyes of all even ole deep-voiced Poppie, who exclaimed, "I don't think she's a puppy that cares too much, I think we care much for the puppy. In a few moments Jerry came driving up the drive in his truck to inquire of Tidda's health, "It's too bad", he said, "but as I was coming up the road something slithered in front of my front wheel and I could not stop in time, it was Mr.Greely" and you know it probably would not have happened if Tidda had been there to warn him, after all She is indeed a puppy that cares much.
From the tales of Tidda, "THE PUPPY THAT CARED TOO MUCH" by IRI PRESS and PUBLISHING Look for the companion book "LUCKY a Dog and His Food"


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