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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Could Have Been Any Friday-But It Wasn't

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From the files: Squad of Police - Friday
Friday it could have been any friday but it wasn't.
Friday 10:22 AM
It was a sunny day, but this was not Philadelphia, rain was not in the forecast.
Friday 10:22:43 Call came in on the scanner, seems there was a drive-by in the neighborhood of Jackson and Not Jackson, four teenagers leaving a womp of confused and disorganized citizens in array, block #'s indeterminate, street names appropriate, I'm Friday this is my beat.
Thursday 10:51 AM After finishing our snack, Friday and I determined to investigate the drive-by, but this time I had hoped it would not be like the other time, I'm Thursday, my partner is Friday, we drive in shared positions, a black and white, today it was Friday so he mounted the wheel and off we drove to Jackson and Not Jackson, named appropriately.
Friday 12:46 in the PM, Thursday and I, I am Friday, decided to give those ill-behaved teens another opportunity for their "little game" which the citizens of this fair county found most interruptive, so after a round of door to door, we would give them another chance for their "fun and games".
True to our thoughts it was Friday 2:33 in the PM, Thursday thought he heard blaring horns coming in this direction, I stated, "We shall see, and then we shall know".
Friday 12:52 PM after a false alarm at a local residence unaffiliated with our beat and located in a different neighborhood, we gave it no thought.
Friday 2:47 PM out of somewhere came the red maroon 1967 Mustang, 2 door ragtop with an unmounted license plate on the left side upper corner, and a body that looked like it had not been washed in a couple of hours, immediately, Thursday and I boarded our black and white, I was behind the wheel, it was Friday, my day to drive, Thursday "flipped" on the blues.
Friday 2:56 PM after a short chase of a block, the red mustang pulled to the curb, only this time it was not to funny, and the four teens were not too jolly, two boys and two girls, it figures, Thursday ordered them to vacate the premises.
Friday 3:08 PM interrogation begins, the driver, a black haired lazy looking punk without cutoff jeans, exited the vehicle in question and it's occupants, I begin to ask.
"Son, did you know that you were in the limit speed allowed in this neighborhood, but that has nothing to do with our pulling over you?" exclaimed Friday.
"Uh, I guess so" stated the now wind blown black haired punk.
"You guess so, what?" stated Friday.
"uh mm, I guess what you were stating was true" a frustrated driver claimed.
"Are you calling me a liar? punk" inquired Friday.
"No way dude, I just meant, I guess what you say is true, I mean, I know, what you state is true." the driver said making careful note of his words.
"We have a complaint from the neighbors that live here in this neighborhood of Jackson and Not Jackson, of four teenaged kids driving a red maroon mustang with the left side of their license plate being not tightened, doing a by-drive, now that would not happen to have been, let's see, 1,2,3, and 4 of you teenagers would it now?" demanded Friday.
The girl in the rear, a blonde rather well built, carrying a mini-purse, the kind you get at one of them outlet shoppes, with a pink flap, and sporting what looked to be a light pink pastel tennis shoes without a Nike emblem, probably a rip-off stated,
"Duh, do you mean, "drive-by" officer?"
Friday 3:51 PM with a slap of his wrist, Friday had his 500w Tazer with the black and white pearl handles in his hand, and the frisky little blonde flapping on the street like a chicken with it's head cut off, "I said, by-drive, missy and that is precisely what I meant" shouted Jack, a first name given his by his parents, a Mr. and Mrs. Friday, Friday turned to the other three occupants, as he was often noted as doing, and before the question could be asked, the other three exclaimed as though in unison, "It was definitely a by-drive, yep that's what it was all right, a definite by-drive"
Friday 3:56 in the PM, after we inquired as to why they were doing a by-drive, they had stated, in different interrogation rooms, one in the black and white another in the red maroon, and then a third in the black and white, as the girl still flapping was out of the upline, stated that they were looking for a friend holding a bag for them.
Friday 4:27 PM after determining that their friend was not on the same block of Jackson and Not Jackson, but on the roads of Jesse and Not Jesse a good five streets from their by-drive, we decided to overlook the unwashed incident, but added with a warning about the untempered license plate. We followed them to Rays PlateFixer located on the streets of Jeremiah and Not Jeremiah, as we drove off, the three teens were holding up their friends hand as all four waved good-bye,
Thursday looked at Friday and stated, "You know, Jack, they were not too bad of kids after all". We both looked back in the rearview mirror, and laughed.

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