WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING The mouse cried because of the snake,and the snake came to see the mouse,horror,chills,thrills,not for the faint of heart or those with headaches,upset stomach,uncut fingernails,room unclean, etc..., THEY'RE BACK AND THEY ARE REALLY MEAN VILE CREATURES OF TERROR.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Justified Man Whose way is just? Look at you and the way you go Inside your raveled, outward you stand so You say, "If I" but you do or say not And after all you've boasted you have what - You would a man to death if he disagree And yet you say I know follow me And after your walk has became dust Tell me if now you know - Whose way is just? SHELLED MAN They'll say he looked well dressed so fine and proper. A dasher he is - one can tell A bit O'respect and a quaint shopper And the black no pen stripe yet offset in white he's quiet the gent, His hair the look of moist a wee bit wet To some rather appointment he's probably sent A dapper gent probably insue of a king A slave to the crown - but with due respect They say he has a voice and he can sing Like a mirror he is he causes reflect We admire him - well - maybe one or two And ask any and they'll attest Did you know him, this Dapper, did you? I don't think so they inquire, but he does look well.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Now I face the battle and the trumpet has sounded in my hands I feel the cold steel grey I wish my LORD we didn't fight this day My enemy swiftly approaches his blade a target has founded my LORD I hope we never fight another war this way. Deadly is the jungle the air is poison and rank my one desire is to make it another day. To the rear I hear the stems breaking his aim is true as his bullet seeks it's pay my chest is spurting blood and aching. My LORD I hope we never fight another war this way. Now the wars are over people are lying all around funny we were never quite this close I hope death will find me laying here in this inferno that we called a city, At least I know there'll never be another war fought this way.
I saw a mouse cry
and the enemy was in hand
The guests ran astray
Comeback guests, said I,
the mouse is gone away.
I saw a housefly
and then I heard a pat
He's gone said I, and
his remains be unknown.
I heard a boy cry
while in the battlefield
come ahead said I, his
peace he does yeild
twas I that heard the mouse

Sometime I sit and wonder why it must be but mainly I sit and wonder

sometime i sit alone and wonder.... Once, I knew someone whether close or far I can not tell, for they were it seemed but for a moment and then they were not. Seems they had a journey or so I am told to a higher plane to arrive they must go. Here they were and now they are not tis but a pity for I was made far richer by their presence than the shadow they left behind. I do not wish that they had gone for for me it will be much,much,harder journey which must be. Alone I sat beneath the might of the elm tree,twas but a yellow light that shone through me and yet someday I will know twas me beneath the might of the elm tree. There is a place to which we must go whether golden in hue or amber in dread we must assimilate in one room in one place,but I hope the darkness will not O'rtake the light. Twas but an elm tree and yet to go he had to but leave.There was it seems another time another place and yet the distance was measured quite thus far,the closer we attained the farther it seemed,and yet the warmth of the heart glowed so much that it seemed as if I had known all along what must be, Ah childhood,how precious,how innocent you and I,how sweet the memory a store,a place, and yet a milkshake or two and it was I that journeyed into a time of sweet embrace. It seemed so long ago but yet,sadly enough if I may play but a moment of words,it was only yesterday so far removed and yet I lay at a table uncovered alone and waiting for you.find me if you may but remember me if you must for we danced but for awhile

Saturday, May 5, 2007


While everyone was enjoying the rare visit from the Queen of England-danger lurked from the ceiling fan for one brave woman:
Physicians at the local St.Mary's Hospital (name withheld for identification purposes) have released a news item involving a new type of rare but deadly snake, dubbed the "lid" snake because it's attack is mainly to the eyelid region of the face. She dodged a paperwad thrown at her by close friend and associate Dana Earthridge (Name withheld by Dana as she did not want her employees at a local paperwad making company PAWADDIE inc., to know she engaged in such frivilous activity, especially since she had recently written the book, "IT'S ALWAYS FUNNY UNTIL SOMEONE GETS THEIR EYE PUT OUT" published by DERBYRUN publishing company out of Louisville.) "It is a real touch of irony", decried Dana (name withheld per request), "I throw a paperwad and Slaphapy (last name of victim "Sharin") she dodges and the next thing I know she is stumbling all over the room, knocking over glasses, potted flowers, breaking vases and flushing the toilitry ( as they call the commode in Louisville as they are now attached to the Royals of English descent), I have no idea why she stumbled down the hall, went through a closed door, flushed the "bobbie" and stumbled back into the foya or living room as the commoners call it, I can only deduce that it is an after effect of the "Lid" snake venom." A pair of medics (paramedics as they are called in the rest of the USA, but this reporter did not want to get into the age old argument of, "Wal dey always run in twos don dey" who could argue that point?). When Slaphapy arrived at the hospital the doctors immediately began striking Slaphapy with the open palm as to disperse the venom from permanently attaching itself only to the eye region. It's a strange phenomonon, phenomon, ,as the doctor, whose hands were now reddened from the unusal striking, (striking or slapping as they say in England, is needed to offset the poison), struggled to form and correctly spell his words. "We have called in another team of doctors, about 5 to assist in this grueling treatment for the patients full recovery however we can't cross our fingers for hope as they are very red and sore, this is why we called in the additional physicians, in time of such an emergency we must do all that we can," stated Doctor Mion Hanwnout. This is definitely something this reporter, bar ceiling fan attacks, will keep his eye on (no pun intended) for the near future, all we can do now is hope, hope for Dana as she struggles to confess her error to her employees and cleans up the mess made by one stumbling Sharin, and hope for the doctors that their "reddened hands" don't give out, hope for one woman, who is looking very much embarrassed, one Slaphapy that one day she may walk in a land, seek out equal pay for equal work, perhaps run for President of the United States (look out President Bush), who may one day have her own talk show, hope for Slaphapy will remain huge for the people of America, as she may one day regain her composure and pursue happiness in a land of equality, love, peace and calm reassurance that she will never have to be slapped so frequently and so violently in her future. It is no wonder to this reporter that the last four letters in Slaphapy are "hapy" - Watch out for the fan! just kidding - Slaphapy.
IRI Reporter: YeSiam Pennit
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